China Greentech Report 2011 Released

(Qingdao) – During the 2011 Annual Summit of Green Companies, a new report on the growth prospects of green technologies was released. The China Greentech Report 2011 provides a comprehensive analysis by sector of the catalysts and key opportunities of China’s greentech markets.

The Annual Summit of Green Companies, attended by over 600 representatives of the private sector – including leading CEOs – was organized by the China Entrepreneurs Club and supported by the UN Global Compact. Attendees overwhelmingly agreed that green growth is the defining paradigm for the future.

“The consequences of climate change are being felt with ever greater force, and threaten to undo many hard-won development achievements of recent years. Developing countries are particularly vulnerable,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in a message prepared for the event. “Chinese and international efforts to promote a sustainable, low-carbon path of development are of critical importance.”

Media Contact

Meng Liu
China Representative
UN Global Compact