Private Sector Focal Points Meet, Explore UN-Business Partnership Coherence

(Paris) – Over the past decade the UN has made significant progress in establishing effective partnerships with the private sector at both the system-wide and specific entity level. The experience gained over this time has positioned UN entities to work toward a more coherent approach to partnering with the private sector. These themes were discussed in detail during the UN Private Sector Focal Point meeting, which concluded today.

During the course of the two-day meeting over 100 representatives from  across the UN system discussed topics such as managing the UN brand, delivering as “One UN” and establishing joint due diligence processes.

The Private Sector Focal Points, joined by representatives from the private sector with experience partnering with the UN, explored the notion of “transformational” partnerships.  “Transformational” partnerships refer to collaborations that have great impact, are scalable, and are aligned with the core competencies of the partnering organizations.

In addition, a variety of relevant topics were discussed during the event, such as enhancing UN-business relationships and exchange programmes, innovative funding mechanisms, value chain considerations and enhancing the UN-business partnership gateway (

Following the UN Private Sector Focal Points meeting, the Global Compact LEAD working group on UN-business partnerships met to further discuss the notion of transformational partnerships.


Melissa Powell
UN Global Compact Office