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for Eurostudia, a transatlantic, trilingual and peer-reviewed Journal for European Studies.

Deadline for submissions: November 1st, 2010

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a topical issue for both decision-makers and scholars. The concept of CSR is underpinned by the idea that corporations can no longer act as isolated economic entities operating in detachment from broader society. Although the concept of corporate social responsibility is more and more firmly rooted on the global business agenda, it still has to move from theory to concrete action, with many obstacles to be overcome. One of the key challenges of CSR is then to move from rhetoric towards concrete actions and policies that would operate both: a theoretical and practical level.

We are especially—but not exclusively—interested in papers that are related to questions such as: What are CSR politics of legitimacy and how do they impact its practical implementations? To what extent are local discourses converging or diverging from a global point of view? How do different actors (corporations, governments, NGOs, public groups, etc.) articulate their own discourse to achieve moral and practical purposes? How does a comparative and interdisciplinary approach contribute to a better understanding of the discursive and ethical aspects of CSR? To answer these questions, both empirical-comparative and theoretical (social science and normative) studies would be equally relevant and beneficial.
We especially appreciated papers that either undertake empirical or theoretical comparative research related to the European context or that have been developed in a transatlantic exchange of ideas—or both. We highly appreciated contributions by young scholars, especially by PhD candidates.

Please send in your paper (maximum 50 000 characters) in French, English, or German to the following email address: before November 1st, 2010 – Please take note of the author’s guidelines before sending in manuscripts.

The editorial team is at your disposal to answer any questions:

Editors for this issue are Thomas Beschorner (Université de Montréal, Canada and Universität St. Gallen, Switzerland), Martin Beddeleem, and Jean-Simon Fabien (both Eurostudia, CCGES, Université de Montreal).

Eurostudia: Transatlantic Journal for European Studies is trilingual (French, English, and German) peer-reviewed journal. Its principal objective is to shed better light on the history, the specificities, and the key challenges of the discourse on “Europe”. The journal aims more specifically toward a systematic comparison of empirical analyses relating to the political, legal, and economic integration on the one hand, with a basic reflection upon the cultural stakes of “Europe”, on the other. In line with the academic orientation of the “Centre canadien d’études allemandes et européennes / Canadian Center for German and European Studies” (Université de Montréal, Canada), we promote a multidisciplinary approach, both theoretical and practical, to relevant topics.