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Global Compact Strengthens Engagement with Cities

(New York) – The United Nations Global Compact has recently scaled up efforts to advance urban engagement in the initiative and provide support to city leaders in demonstrating this commitment. Recent developments include a new framework for engagement in the Global Compact Cities Programme and the release of “Sustainable Cities: Volume 1”, the first comprehensive review of efforts to help cities translate the Global Compact principles into day-to-day urban governance and management.

Recognizing the central role that cities play in society today, the Global Compact has expanded the scope of its Global Compact Cities Programme to offer three levels of engagement: signatory, reporting and innovating. Each successive level involves a progression in terms of the commitment by the city, as well as the advice and tools provided.

According to Paul James, Director of the Global Compact Cities Programme, “At a time of concern around civic culture and sustainability we need practical tools for re-thinking problems confronting world cities.”

Administered by an International Secretariat based at the Global Cities Institute at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, the Global Compact Cities Programme provides expertise and guidance to approximately 40 cities around the world.

In March, the Global Compact Cities Programme released “Sustainable Cities: Volume 1”. The publication includes case examples of how participating cities around the world are addressing issues such as climate change, slum rehabilitation, water management and corruption.

In addition, the U.S. Network recently convened a working symposium (10 May, Chicago) on the topic of “Business and Sustainable Cities”, bringing together representatives from public and private sectors, civil society and academia. U.S. cities represented at the symposium included Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, New Orleans and San Francisco.

* Global Compact Cities Programme website
* Sustainable Cities: Volume 1
* More information on the U.S. Network Symposium

Carrie Hall
Cities Programme
UN Global Compact

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