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zfwu – Call for Papers

zfwu 10/3: Ethics of Financial Markets

Deadline for submissions: 30.09.2009.

The subject “Ethics of Financial Markets” is discussed controversial for many years. Due to the actual crisis of the financial markets and the resulting economic crisis, discussions did increase its sharpness. A decisive role in the discussion about the causes and consequences of the crisis is being played by ethical questions and questions of fairness. Not only the responsibilities of investment bankers, bankers in general, their co-workers, distorting incentive structures or regulating mechanisms are discussed. But also the relation between state and markets itself is questioned again. In Germany the discussion evolves even to a debate which is called “Methodenstreit”, a debate which questions the fundamental methods of economics. This debate is initiated by a renaissance of ordo-liberal or social-market Economy. Drafts concerning this range of problems and proposals of political solutions are welcome. Editors of this issue are Dr. Markus Breuer (St. Gallen, Switzerland) and Dr. Olaf J. Schumann (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

Lead topic: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Emunds (Nell-Breuning Institut, St. Georgen, Germany)

Contact: Dr. Olaf J. Schumann, E-Mail:

zfwu 11/1: Economics and Religion

Deadline for submissions: 30.11.2009.

A conjointly and culturally authoritative ethic is challenged today by the globalized and economized institutions we live in and the individual /pursuit of happiness/ sometimes contradicting common moral sentiment. On the other hand it is said that religion is back as a driving force in society. The special issue “Economy and Religion” broaches the issue with a focus und business ethics and economics. Relevant questions are e.g.: Is religion as a common source of ethical orientation dispensable or essential? What pathdependencies of a religious heritage exist for business ethics? How are religion and diversity linked up in corporate cultures? Do different religions make different contributions to different ethics? Papers addressing these questions in the field of “Economy and Religion” are welcome from different disciplines in English or German. Editors: Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexander Brink (Bayreuth) and Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Seele (Basel).

Lead topic: Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Bruno S. Frey (Universität Zürich)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Seele, E-Mail:

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