Call for papers – EBEN conference

In 2008 the EBEN-UK conference welcomes the participation the British Academy of Management’s SIG on CSR. Consequently, the first day of the conference will largely focus on CSR and CSR related issues. Nevertheless, please note that this is an international and trans-disciplinary event valuable for anyone actively researching and studying business ethics. The conference title ‘CSR: The Management of Ethics in Business?’ is intended to provoke consideration of the relationship between the evolving phenomenon of corporate social responsibility and the conceptual and applied traditions of business ethics scholarship. Papers that reflect on, for example, the institutionalisation of ethics in business by means of corporate investment in CSR programmes will be welcome. However, as is customary with the EBEN-UK conference, we also invite contributions from different empirical and theoretical perspectives that challenge, reappraise or revisit established ideas and debates. The indicative themes below have been chosen because they summarise the research interests of existing EBEN members, and have featured in prior conferences. We welcome submissions in other areas relevant to CSR and business ethics.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility> Theory and Practice
  • Management and Ethics
  • Accounting, Finance and Socially Responsible Investment
  • CSR, Trades Unions and Marginalised Workforces
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights
  • Cases, Dilemmas, Judgment and Decision Making
  • Critical Perspectives, Philosophy and Ethics
  • Governance, the Environment and Social Auditing
  • Cases from practice.
  • While the conference is attended primarily by academics, previous conferences have had a healthy quotient of practitioners. Also, if sufficient interest is shown by post-graduates we will organise a doctoral workshop to enable both presentation of work in progress and facilitate the development of a network of doctoral scholars researching topics related to CSR and business ethics.

    Submission and review process
    All proposals for contributions will be blind, peer-reviewed, and feedback provided if any submission is not accepted for the conference. Please submit either:

  • an outline proposal for a paper (500 to 1000 words in length) headed by your title, name, affiliations, address and email address OR
  • a completed paper.
  • Completed papers must be single spaced, 12 point Arial font. They should be approximately 5000 words including references and appendices and must be original work. All papers must include an abstract of 150 words


  • First level headings should be in 14 point bold Arial.
  • Second level headings should be in 14 point medium Arial.
  • Third level headings should be in 12 point bold italic Arial.
  • Please include figures and tables within the text.
  • Figures should also be sent as separate files (high quality jpegs are preferred).
  • Please follow the Harvard style for referencing.
  • Please note:
    All papers must include a separate cover page which includes the title of the paper, authors’ names and affiliations, and full contact details of the lead author. Submission is an indication that contributors are willing and able to attend the conference in the event of a successful review. All types of contribution should be submitted electronically before 31st December 2007 to Submissions received substantially before this date will be reviewed earlier where possible. Otherwise, feedback from reviewers will be returned by January 31st, 2008. Full papers for inclusion in the conference proceedings must be submitted by Monday 17th March, 2008. N.B. Completed main papers received by March 3rd. will be eligible for consideration for the best paper award. These will be blind peer-reviewed by 2 members of the EBEN-UK committee, none of whom may enter papers for the competition, and adjudicated by an appointed external. In addition, papers of sufficient merit may be considered for publication in the journal Business Ethics: a European Review Conference Convener and Chair, Dr. James A.H.S. Hine (University of Edinburgh), on behalf of the EBEN UK Executive Committee. Conference Convener, Dr. Ian Ashman (University of Central Lancashire).

    The 2008 EBEN ANNUAL CONFERENCE will run over the 1st and 2nd of April and take place at the University of Cambridge.