WEBINAR: Natural Capital Net Benefits: Energy, Water & Waste Services


Trucost research for the UN-backed TEEB for Business Coalition Natural Capital at Risk finds that the environmental impacts of business are costing the global economy and society $7.3 trillion a year from natural capital impacts such land use, greenhouse gas emissions, water dependency, waste disposal and air pollution. Companies face increasing risk that these external costs are internalized by nature, by consumers and by regulators as they become increasingly material, and visible.

Service providers in the energy, water and waste sectors have an opportunity to help companies reduce their natural capital costs by providing environmentally efficient products and services, but their development requires investment – and the benefits can be challenging to communicate to customers, investors and regulators.

We’ll draw on a range of case studies to describe how energy, water and waste service providers can use natural capital accounting to:
• Quantify the natural capital net benefits of assets, technologies and products
• Strengthen the business case for investment in environmentally efficient products and services
• Communicate the financial benefits of products and services to stakeholders


Framing the opportunity
Tom Barnett, Account Director, Trucost
• $7.3 trillion natural capital costs of companies and their supply chains
• Natural capital accounting tools and frameworks

Natural capital net benefits: energy, water and waste services
Steven Bullock, Head of Research, Trucost
• Calculating the natural capital benefits of energy, water and waste services
• Enhancing the business case for environmentally efficient products and services
• Communicating the total value of environmentally efficient products and services to stakeholders



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