Unlocking ESG knowledge with AI – Enhance ESG data quality with Generative AI


Have you ever heard that using AI tools can harm the quality of your ESG data, making your business or your fund more vulnerable to the risk of greenwashing? 
Well, nothing could be further from the truth!

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll show you how technology such as generative AI can actually be harnessed to boost ESG data quality, if used correctly:

– We’ll explore the nuances of ESG data collection, analysis and processing, and the challenges in maintaining its quality.
– We’ll dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding the use of AI in relation to data quality, emphasizing how correct AI integration and AI readiness can actually enhance data accuracy.
– Finally, we’ll unveil some best practices and prompt engineering tips to enhance data quality during the identification, analysis and verification of ESG insights by leveraging Briink’s AI

Whether you’re a sustainability manager, analyst, consultant, investor, or industry professional, this webinar offers an invaluable opportunity to learn how to embed AI to enhance the quality of your ESG data, and help you collect data from a broader range of sources, making you less dependent on lower-quality public ESG data.”

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