The Future of ESG: Use AI to Transform Reporting and Meet ESG Goals

“With the influx of new and evolving reporting mandates, expanding data sources on which to report, and the growing importance of ESG in nearly all large organizations, sustainability professionals are finding themselves increasingly buried in requests and data and decreasingly doing what they set out to do: improve the state of the world. Fortunately, technology is evolving to help them keep up. Companies can now use generative AI to find, collect, and report on ESG data more efficiently and accurately, while adhering to the latest reporting standards. 

In this webinar, John Davies, SVP, GreenBiz Group; Susan Lorenz-Fisher, Senior Vice President, Global Sustainability, ESG Integration & Real Estate, Cencora; and Jon Powell, Global Head of Sustainability Practice, Salesforce will discuss the promise of generative AI and what it means specifically for those grappling with the quickly changing landscape of ESG. 

These three pioneers will explore how AI can help you:

  • Generate reports using prompts and your existing data to save you time and resources 

  • Respond quickly to ever-changing reporting mandates and requests from leadership for ESG metrics

  • Leverage AI to improve on the metrics that matter most to your company”

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