Silence@Work: Understanding and connecting ourselves without words  

Thursday the 9th of September 2021,  5 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. (CET: Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Vienna,… = UTC+1)

Impulses given by: Jay Kaufmann (NAW-Berlin) and Dr. Kai Romhardt (NAW-Coordinator)

75 minutes: Impulse and exchange on different aspects of mindful business with active members of the Network for Mindful Business

After a quick check-in, we start with a sitting meditation together. A personal impulse from active participants in the NAW is followed by self-reflection followed by mindful exchange and sharings. We will end the formal part with another meditation and a short outlook on the planned international activities of the Network for Mindful Business. We are invited to stay on for a cup of tea and informal exchange after the official end of our session.

Our Topic: Silence @ Work

Silence at work may be seen as irritating, unproductive, or impolite. As meditators we my have experienced something different and may have become friends with silence and even see it as Noble Silence – clarifying, collecting, and connecting ourselves with ourselves and those around us.

How can we share these wonderful experiences in the working place? How can we introduce silence in meetings or into groups that haven’t experienced the benefits of stopping and calming before deciding or acting?

We look forward to the shared time and practice and the exchange on this deep question.

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