Reporting 3.0 Conference “Tipping Points in the Reporting Transition”

12. November 2015 – 13. November 2015 ganztägig
Microsoft Berlin
Unter den Linden 17, 10117 Berlin

REPORTING 3.0 – Context For ThriveAble Transformation

Veranstalter: Reporting 3.0

Reporting 3.0 Conference “Tipping Points in the Reporting Transition”
12.11. – 13.11.2015, 10117 Berlin

Reporting 3.0: Onwards and Upwards for Sustainability Reporting Platform
The Reporting 3.0 Conference is entering its third year in November 2015, with the theme ‘Tipping Points in the Reporting Transition’. The difference the Reporting 3.0 Conference makes is based on accepting that purposeful reporting needs to contribute to measuring success in a green and inclusive economy. Many of these enablers are not in place, therefore sustainability and integrated reporting today are still unclear when to call existing performance a success to actively contribute to a green and inclusive economy.

The litmus test when performance is really ‘sustainable’ is not in place. The Reporting 3.0 Conference is the only event discussing this focus and wants to make an active input into data, accounting and reporting serving true sustainability.

Co-Initiator of Reporting 3.0, Sebastian Straube, decided to this year reinvent the 3.0 Platform as a non-profit to better serve the needs of the reporting community and provide greater engagement and advancement in sustainability reporting. The collaborative efforts of the 3.0 Platform will also continue into next year as a non-profit.

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