Let’s Talk: Culture, International Mobility and Social Justice


” The United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), together with SHAP SHAP and Antigel Festival, are pleased to invite you to a virtual roundtable discussion commemorating World Social Justice Day. On 20 February 2024, panelists from the UN, academia, government and the art scene will explore how cultural dynamics can serve as a powerful catalyst for changing narratives, breaking down stereotypes and fostering inclusive societies.

 Panelists will discuss the multifaceted impacts of inequality on social and economic rights by examining how disparities in access to opportunities and resources influence international mobility. Two guest speakers will share their personal experiences to explore how people with intersecting marginalized identities—shaped by race, gender, sex, class, age, religion, ableness or nationality—experience discrimination differently within the context of international mobility. In particular, they will shine a light on how artists from the global South are underrepresented on global stages due to social, political and economic power imbalances.

 This year on World Social Justice Day, we aim to deepen understanding of how culture, mobility and social justice are intertwined to inspire new ideas and actionable solutions for a more inclusive, just and connected global society.

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