Leading Change – Why Transformation Begins Within

14. Juni 2017 um 19:00 – 22:00
Schinkestraße 9
12047 Berlin


Leading Change – Why Transformation Begins Within
June 14th, 19:00 – 22:00

If you meet Darren for the first time you wouldn’t think that you are talking to an award-winning Leadership coach that helps to run one of the largest coaching professional bodies in the world. Nor that he is a serial social entrepreneur himself and has founded several business and charities. No, he is very humble; he listens with interest to what you have to say and engages with you in a deep conversation. We are very fortunate to have night around the chimney with him talking about entrepreneurship, leadership and personal transformation.

Darren defies conventional wisdom. He is both a serial, purposeful entrepreneur and an emerging global leader in coaching. He is a thought leader, with work spanning:

Coaching, mentoring and advisory services to leading organisations and entrepreneurs
Motivational speaking at conferences and organisational events
Books, insight articles, research and points of view
Philanthropy, social innovation and making a positive impact to less priveledged young people

As a coach and mentor, Darren works with entrepreneurs, CEOs and their leadership teams to enhance their impact as leaders. He inspires them to improve their organisational performance and to create initiatives which impact positively on the communities their organisations touch.


cocreation Loft

Schinkestraße 9

12047 Berlin

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