Introduction to Bioinspired Circular Innovation

1. Juli 2019 um 10:00 – 12:00
Geibelstraße 54
12305 Berlin


“Biomimicry Academy opens its doors online to the first European professional training programme in Bioinspired Circular Innovation. Get an introduction to the online content of the programme with this online event. And take the first course for free!

Through 3.8 bio years of evolution, life has found ways that we can use to solve nearly any challenge humanity faces today. Where bionics fall short on sustainability and integration, where circular economy lacks the process to produce wholesome solutions, we should use everything as a teacher. Time-proven strategies applied by nature to survive and thrive on earth are available and we can abstract them into human products, services, social, economical or systemic solutions. Let us learn to combine all the existing tools from Biomimicry, User-Centred Design, Cirular Economy and business modellig into a unique framework.

Note: We will repeat this introduction event on 11 July at 18-20.00 for those who cannot make the early hours!”

Tickets hier:

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