Interconnected voices: Climate change, equity, and the way forward

25. November 2020 – 26. November 2020 ganztägig


“Interconnected voices: Climate change, equity, and the way forward” offers a view on climate justice within the broader context of climate change in 2020 by focusing on a variety of processes, strategies, practices, and stakeholders. A special focus of the conference is to involve as many different voices and perspectives as possible in the discussion. Our preliminary program can be found here.

We welcome all manners of contributions from a wide range of fields dealing with the topic from socio-technical innovation dynamics to citizens engagement and (self-) experience. See our call for contributions; you can submit your contribution ideas here by 30 October. Feel free to share the information with your network.

More about the conference:
The climate crisis leads to far-reaching shifts in the world’s ecological, social and economic systems. These shifts are rapidly reshaping the realities and livelihoods of humanity, which is both victim and cause of these changes. We therefore need systems, societies, and individuals that are capable of adapting quickly to these changes and at the same time mitigate climate change. In addition, system changes are not taking place in the same form and intensity worldwide, which means that “climate injustice” is gaining momentum as a research topic and movement. Therefore we would like to explore the various approaches to climate justice, as well as what we can learn from each other and what might still have to learn.

Confirmed speakers/workshop hosts are:
*Daniel Kammen, University of California, Berkeley, USA
*Rebekah Shirley, Strathmore University, Kenya
*Amro Ali, American University Cairo, Egypt
*Centre for Environment (CfE), Bosnia and Herzegovina
*Indigenous Peoples Major Group for Sustainable Development, international

Please register for the conference as a participant here:

If you have any questions, simply get in touch with us. We are looking forward to receiving interesting contributions and to getting to know you!”

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