How can we use public data for sustainability?

1. März 2019 um 19:00 – 22:00
Rungestraße 20
10179 Berlin

We’re drowning in information. How can we use public data for sustainability?

“We’re drowning in information. How can we use public data for sustainability?”

“A number of revolutionary projects are emerging in Berlin’s thriving tech community around open data and open knowledge for sustainability. At our event our next event on March 1st our speakers will talk about the need of open data and information, and show how they can be used to create positive impact and social change. We are teaming up with C-Base for this event! Make sure not to miss this awesome location!

In our daily life we constantly consume and produce information and data through our online activities. While many corporations benefit and monetize them, this data has a lot of potential and could be used by everybody. As so many people around the world start to experience the effects of climate change, we still don’t have a complete picture of how it will affect us all in the years to come. Our current and future actions will define its impact, and we need to know more. Now more than ever, it is fundamental to make relevant data and information accessible to everyone, not just the elite. Making data accessible and reusable without restrictions can enable innovative projects, support collaboration, and create accountability.

A lot of groundbreaking research is ongoing, and many scientists have been the loudest advocates for the urgency of taking immediate action against global warming. However, data is not only necessary for them. It can be used by social entrepreneurs, activists and organizations around the world for community driven action. We can harvest this knowledge to direct effort and resources to the most sensible issues.

Lubomila Jordanova (
tba (Open Knowledge Foundation)

19.00 Open Doors & Networking
20:00 Opening, Presentations and Quickpitches
21:15  Networking and Beers
22:30 End

There will be a quickpitch session after the presentations which gives you the opportunity to present your project/organisation/company/idea in 1 minute. Make sure to register for yours on the event page.

Besides inspiring short presentations and a dialog between the audience and the speakers about the topic, this event is all about networking and connecting with people who share your vision of a sustainable planet to exchange ideas, find like-minded people and make new friends.”

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