#FeedingBerlin 3: The True Cost of Food

9. Oktober 2019 um 19:00 – 22:00
Friedrichstraße 246
10969 Berlin


Feeding Berlin #3: The True Cost of Food

Join us on 9th October at Impact Hub

Feeding Berlin #3: The True Cost of Food

How can we feed the 10 billion people expected to inhabit our world by 2050 with food that is not only nutritious and affordable but also produced in a way that respects people and the environment?

To do so, we first need to consider the costs and benefits generated throughout the entire value chain of our food systems. In this 3rd event of our food series Feeding Berlin, we will discuss what the true cost of our food is when all externalities (e.g. on human health or on the environment) are considered.

What is the true cost of our current food system? What should it be when all externalities are integrated? Does such system already exist? How can one be created?

To find out more, come and join the discussion at our next event!

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Olivia Reimar – TMG Research, TEEBAgriFood Project
Barbara Sennholz-Weinhardt – Oxfam, Behind the Brands/Barcode Campaign


19:00 Doors open
19:30 Welcome & Intro
19:45 Olivia Reimar – TEEBAgriFood Project
20:00 Barbara Sennholz-Weinhardt – Behind the Brands/Barcode Campaign
20:15 Panel & Q&A
20:45 Quick Pitches
21:00 Networking
22:00 End

Quick Pitches

There will be a quick pitches session after the presentations which gives you the opportunity to present your project/organisation/company/idea/idea/news/job offer/… in 1 minute. Sign up on the event page.

Date: Wednesday, October 9th 2019
Location: Impact Hub Berlin, Friedrichstraße 246, 10969 Berlin
All details: https://greenbuzzberlin.de/event/feeding-berlin-3-the-true-cost-of-food/

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