Falling Walls Conference

9. November 2017 um 9:00 – 18:00
Holzmarktstraße 33, 10243 Berlin


Falling Walls Conference

The 20th anniversary of the end of a divided Europe marked the starting point for a new and unprecedented science conference: More than 20 outstanding researchers from around the world and a wide range of disciplines convene to showcase their scientific breakthroughs in their respective fields of research – in 15 minutes each. Inspired by the peaceful fall of the Berlin Wall they are answering the question: Which are the next walls to fall? And how will that change our lives?

Speakers and subjects are rigorously reviewed in collaboration with leading research institutions. Topics range from medicine to high technology, from science to the humanities.


Sayed Azam-Ali
Alexander Betts
Sarah Chayes
Esther Duflo
Dennis Lo
W. E. Moerner
Valeria Nicolosi
Yuval Nir
Jian-Wei Pan
Edgar Pieterse
Jürgen Schmidhuber
Christina Smolke
Leila Takayama
Guus Velders
Timothy Walsh

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