ESG reporting assurance: Emerging trends and innovations

ESG reporting assurance: Emerging trends and innovations | Speeki (

“As sustainability reporting shifted from optional to mandatory, it naturally led to an increasing demand for strong ESG and sustainability reporting verification methods – and that’s where ESG reporting assurance comes into play.

What trends and innovations are emerging around ESG and sustainability reporting assurance and how can organisations use them to showcase their commitment to a more sustainable future?

Join us for a 30-minute webinar where Speeki’s Senior Advisor Andrew Henderson will discuss in detail the dynamic landscape of ESG and sustainability reporting assurance, covering such aspects as:

  •  trends in ESG reporting assurance – stay ahead with insights into shifting regulatory requirements, investor expectations and global reporting frameworks
  •  innovations in assurance – discover the latest in sustainability reporting, from advanced data analytics to technology-driven audit approaches
  •  evolving standards – adapt to changing ESG and sustainability reporting standards and learn best practices for aligning with global frameworks
  •  the future of sustainability reporting and assurance – gain a forward-looking perspective on the impact of emerging trends and innovations.”
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