Creating Love in Business

11. April 2021 – 14. April 2021 ganztägig

What is the purpose of the Money & Business Partnership Congress?

“Dear Friends
I warmly invite you to join the 7th Money & Business partnership congress and be part of the international movement focusing on creating love in business, the new bottom line.

The first Money & Business partnership congress took place in 1999. It was designed as a platform for the creation of the future of money. In the first editions, the congress brought together leading academic financial reformers with business people who were largely operating in the post-industrial model focusing on growth and profit.

The 7th edition will open the space in a hybrid format for an interdisciplinary and international participation, to all of you who resonate with the importance of shifting the bottom line from financial results to love and build the new paradigm of money & business beyond stakeholder capitalism.

Money & business… with love? The time has come to redefine the design, rules and culture of our money system, so that money can be used for nothing other than the original purpose of enhancing life and that the money flowing with these transactions can flow with love. To initiate that flow of love, we also need to create new forms of partnerships based on love for what we do and share with others.

This implies creating something more than incremental change – the current system is so coherent that it requires a redefinition of every aspect of the system simultaneously to attain at least the same level of coherence.
Wherever you are and whatever you do, you can be part of this.
Peter Koenig”

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