Communication for Social Impact in a Challenging Global Landscape

13. Juni 2017 um 19:30 – 22:30
Am Nordbahnhof 3
10115 Berlin

June 13th, 19:30 – 22:30
Berlin, Germany
Communication for Social Impact in a Challenging Global Landscape

Politicians exposed, traditional media under attack, and trusted institutions breaking down. The world is on a terrifying spiral and our only hopes are social-impact organizations.

But it can be hard to hear their messages in a changing and chaotic media landscape – channels, platforms, echo chambers, newsfeeds. Not to mention fake news.

Social-impact organisations are facing a big challenge. Communication is integral to changing hearts and minds, but there is a lack of resources to do good work. Often, communication is treated as an afterthought when it should be integral to the concept.

Many good messages are not getting through. And good projects are not having the impact they could. It’s time to bring communication to the forefront, and make it integral to positive action, to build a better world.

Join us at Peace Lab to confront the challenges faced by non-profits in the realm of communications; to look at some successful approaches and some that could have been better. To co-create and think of ways to craft and convey better messages and to discuss some thorny issues – like is it okay to use dirty tricks for the greater good?


We’d love to welcome people from non-profit organisations, other activists, and anyone from the field of communications who is interested in social impact. But the event will be aimed at all comers regardless of level of expertise or background. Bring an open mind, and if you can think of any case studies to discuss – even better!


7:30 pm: Doors open. Drinks, snacks and small talk

8-9 pm: Cause-driven communications: the context and the challenge. An interactive look at approaches and solutions with some discussion points thrown in.

9-9:30pm: We breakout in groups to co-create alternative campaigns – reimagining some well-known campaigns and how you might have said it better…

9:30-10pm: A short presentation of your fantastic ideas and discussion of the key issues.

10:30 pm: Doors close. Bye bye!


David Labi worked as strategist for brands like Coca-Cola, Adidas, Lipton tea and Flora before bringing his skills and experience to the service of social impact. His passion for storytelling has infused his career, from studying literature at Cambridge to work across copywriting, publishing, TV and film. He’s co-founder of Good Point, the ethical communications agency.

Alice Bridgwood has masterminded global campaigns for Médecins Sans Frontières, as well as running campaigns and producing creative content for top international NGOs and social startups like Kiron Open Higher Education. She studied philosophy at Cambridge and is co-founder of Good Point, the ethical communications agency.


ReDi School of Digital Integration Headquarter (2nd floor)

Am Nordbahnhof 3

10115 Berlin

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