Collective Leadership Course

3. Juni 2014 – 5. Juni 2014 ganztägig
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Veranstalter: BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Visit the course “Collective Leadership” and get exlusive access to the Dialogue Series ” The Future of Leadership” at BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Today‘s leadership challenges are complexity, urgency and interdependency. How can people collaborate more efficiently and enhance future-oriented behavior in a climate of permanent change?

This 3-day course enhances your leadership skills to successfully navigate collaboration and multi-actor settings – around the core values of sustainability and responsibility.
This course equips you with the skills to…

create effective change: apply new ways of thinking, enable co-creation and foster better collaboration,
develop a resilient leadership style: move from management to leadership,
lead processes and ideas: inspire people to drive change and spur innovation,
leave with a personal action plan and a toolkit for renewing your leadership contribution.

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