Berlin Change Days Meetup: Five perspectives on change
“Matthias Varga offers five avenues: a series of metaphors that help you explore alternative dynamics and mindsets for understanding personal and organisational transformation. With his new model – unpublished so far – you can develop a fresh and often surprising perspective that helps you design strategies for change. In our meetup, you will have the opportunity to experiment with the five metaphors: the mountain goat, the dolphin, the chameleon, the sea turtle and the phoenix.

Matthias Varga von Kibéd is a German philosopher. Together with his wife Insa Sparrer, he has established a school of structural constellations in constellation work. Matthias Varga von Kibéd is the son of the philosopher Alexander Varga von Kibéd. He studied philosophy, logic, science theory and mathematics at the University of Munich. He has been a lecturer at the Universities of Munich, Vienna, Ljubljana, Graz, Konstanz, Göttingen, Maribor and Tübingen.”

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