Agile Work-Life Planning 2020: Create Career Happiness

6. Februar 2020 um 18:30 – 21:00
Impact Hub Berlin
Friedrichstraße 246, 10969 Berlin

“We’re already one month into 2020.
Do your New Years resolutions still stick?
Do you want to follow them constantly so you reach them?
Do you follow your agenda or those of others?
What do you really want and what can you really do to make it happen?

In the first 2020 Meeting of The Tribe for Career Happiness at Impact Hub Berlin, we will support you to:
– Set goals according to your values.
– Take ownership of your goals (and reach them!).
– Learn a powerful method to get going quick and stay on track.

Many people can reach goals that others ask them to reach. It’s funny right? Now how about about yourself – do you set personal goals that you actually reach? Do you constantly reflect and learn along the way?

At this meet-up, you can learn to use a powerful and easily applicable tool: Agile-Work-Life Planning (2020 updated version). You will be introduced to this method and use it for our exchange about life and work.

About Agile Work-Life Planning:
I work for a lot of companies that want to change their structures and empower their employees to be agile, which (in a nutshell) means to be flexible, transparent and to take responsibility.

I decided to connect this with real-life-planning, because we often underestimate what we can achieve, get distracted and forget. Additionally, the pace of our world is getting faster and surroundings change so quickly that normal planning simply does not work anymore. It’s too slow. Join us to have a look at your life, your goals and get inspired to courageously create out of passion and purpose.

As a courage coach for career happiness I thought, let’s dive into this, so anyone who is missing clarity or motivation can easily understand their situation better and go on to be happier in their career.If this speaks to you, consider it as your invitation to come over to Impact Hub Berlin – join us and be happy.
Create a career driven by passion & purpose!

Niv and The Tribe for Career Happiness

PS: If you have any questions or cannot make it and want to know more anyway, let me know. I am happy to support you.
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This event is brought to you by the Career Happiness Tribe at Impact Hub Berlin – where change goes to work.”

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