19. Mai 2018 um 9:00 – 14:00
10961 Kreuzberg

“You want to make an impact by creating something but don´t know how to start?

You are having great ideas but need skills from others to execute on them?

You are tired of going to events where you are letting others speak for hours and are getting compensated with free drinks for speaking to random people?

If you can answer these questions with a “yes”, you should join the “Action4Impact” event. It will be a half day event where you will turn into a creator and can bring your ideas to life. For this you will group up with others who are also willing to make an impact and are looking for people to join forces. You can decide to join a group of max. 4 people for one of the topics such as:

Sustainability (e.g. “Improving our daily lives through sustainable products and developments”)

Human Rights (e.g. “How to improve the situation of refugees in our local communities”)

Democracy (e.g. “How to protect our data privacy in the transparent internet age”)

Technology (e.g. “develop concepts to move technology in the direction that it improves our lives”)

The topics are quite general because we want to be open to your ideas. You will have the possibility to suggest your idea topic in the beginning and find others to join you. But there will be also an open group where you can brainstorm with others and choose one best idea to work on.

This half day workshop is aimed to be as an initial event where you will work on the ideas and figure out what is needed. As consistency is key the event will be followed by at least one other event where we will connect you with people who bring complimentary skills (like coding, maker skills) to execute on these ideas.

Due to capacity there are only 20 spots available, so make sure to sign up early. Looking forward seeing you at the workshop!”

Anmeldung erforderlich!

The location will be shared to the attendees via email!

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