How to build a sustainable global business environment?

Join the EABIS 2010 Colloquium Corporate Responsibilities and Emerging Markets on 20-21 September 2010 hosted by St. Petersburg State University Graduate School of Management;


  • Listen to Srij Bandyopadhay – Secretary to Indian Govt., Ministry of Corporate Affairs in a 1-to-1 interview. How can national governments drive change for sustainability – from improving education and training to enhancing corporate governance, transparency and accountability?
  • Participate in the KETCHUM PLEON “Leadership in transition: creating capacity for change” round-table discussion. It will be YOU debating, contributing, and experiencing change management. With live intermezzi stimulating intellectual and cultural exchange.
  • Get the “big picture” in the plenary debates from
  • High-level reflections on the growing influence of Emerging Market nations and companies in defining the global agenda for sustainable trade, socioeconomic development and environmental stewardship.
  • An Emerging Market analysis and perspectives from the world’s largest ever CEO study on sustainability, strategy and organizational transformation, conducted by Accenture with the UN Global Compact in early 2010.
  • Debates on barriers to overcome & business opportunity that emerge when companies integrate sustainability issues into business strategy, models and operations in Emerging Markets.
  • World-renowned IGOs sharing the stage with Ed Freeman, the founder of Stakeholder Theory, to discuss new models for stakeholder engagement with business to pursue economic, social and environmental sustainability in Emerging Markets.
  • Leading international deans discussing perspectives on the foremost challenges and priorities that sustainability poses for management education/development in Emerging Markets.
  • Choose the themes YOU want to deepen your knowledge in two sessions giving participants access to 100 presentations of corporate best practice and latest scholarship on CR & Sustainability issues in Emerging Markets. Each session takes a single issue as its unifying theme such as auditing, supply chain management, resources, energy, climate change, talent development, stakeholder engagement.

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