Call for Papers: Economic Ethics and the Third Sector

Journal for Business, Economics & Ethics / Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik (zfwu), 9/3 (2008), special issue on: Economic Ethics and the Third Sector, Deadline for submissions: 31.07.2008

This issue of the zfwu deals with the Third Sector – the particularly growing sector between the economy and the state. Many peculiarities (e.g. non-distribution constraint, volunteering, a specific “mission”, charitable purposes) characterize this societal sector and present a challenge for economic ethics.

Two aspects seem to be of main interest concerning this issue: On the one side the relationship between the economy and the Third Sector will be focused, i.e. Corporate Citizenship or the management of CSR-policies, which often provide for a close collaboration between companies and nonprofit organizations. What is the role of nonprofit organizations in such relationships? Do they have the capacity to act autonomously or do they only serve as a fig leaf for public relations strategies of firms?

On the other side we can ask if the actors in the Third Sector (e.g. nonprofit organizations, co-operatives, foundations) have to develop a specific business ethic that fits into their specific roles and functions. To what extent may the specificities of the Third Sector affect the ethics and codes of conduct of its institutions? How do the particular “missions” of these institutions influence those concepts?

The main article will be written by Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl Gabriel (University of Muenster) who is well-known scientist in the area of economic ethics and especially with Christian organizations of the 3rd sector. Editors of this issue are Prof. Dr. Frank Adloff (Freie Universität Berlin) and Dr. Bettina Hollstein (Max Weber Center Erfurt) of the zfwu.

Dr. Bettina Hollstein, e-mail:

Information for Authors
Please take notice of the author guidelines on our homepage before sending in manuscripts. You will find there, besides the required formalities, the style sheets [], which will facilitate the technical aspect of the work. The editorial team is at your disposal to answer further questions:

About the zfwu
The Journal for Business, Economics & Ethics / Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik (zfwu) is a scholarly journal. Through its interdisciplinary theoretical and practical orientation at the crossroads of economics and (practical) philosophy, it primarily provides the discipline as well as interested representatives of business, politics, and other relevant institutions with a high level business ethics discussion forum. The languages of publication are German and English.

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