BEER: Volume 14, Number 3, July 2005

Business Ethics, A European Review, Volume 14, Number 3, July 2005.

  • Executive summaries
    pp. 187-189(3)
  • Corporate involvement in human rights: is it any of their business?
    pp. 190-205(16)
    Authors: Arkani, Sep; Theobald, Robin
  • Beyond sweatshops: positive deviancy and global labour practices
    pp. 206-222(17)
    Authors: Arnold, Denis G.; Hartman, Laura P.
  • Aristotle and Machiavelli interviewed on Wall Street Week Under Review
    pp. 223-230(8)
    Author: Hadreas, Peter
  • Is bribery a culturally acceptable practice in Mauritius?
    pp. 231-249(19)
    Author: Napal, Geetanee
  • The attitude of a town’s pub licensees to their responsibilities
    pp. 250-260(11)
    Author: Pratten, John D.
  • Reflections upon the responsive approach to corporate social responsibility
    pp. 261-276(16)
    Author: Tullberg, Jan
  • Personal versus professional ethics in confidentiality decisions: an exploratory study in Western Europe
    pp. 277-289(13)
    Authors: Arnold, Donald F.; Bernardi, Richard A.; Neidermeyer, Presha E.; Schmee, Josef
  • Why teach ethics to accounting students? A response to the sceptics
    pp. 290-300(11)
    Authors: Bampton, Roberta; Maclagan, Patrick
  • Ethical codes, independence and the conservation of ambiguity
    pp. 301-316(16)
    Authors: Page, Michael; Spira, Laura F.

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