BEER: Volume 14, Number 2, April 2005

Business Ethics – A European Review (BEER), Volume 14, Number 2, April 2005.

  • Executive summaries
    pp. 91-92(2)
  • Levinas, business, ethics Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy

    University of Leicester, 27–29 October 2005
    pp. 93-93(1)

  • The ethical dimension of economic choices
    pp. 94-107(14)
    Author: Vranceanu, Radu
  • Economic ethics, business ethics and the idea of mutual advantages
    pp. 108-118(11)
    Author: Luetge, Christoph
  • Meeting Goodpaster’s challenge: a Smithian approach to Goodpaster’s paradox
    pp. 119-126(8)
    Authors: Gray, David; Clarke, Peter
  • International pricing and distribution of therapeutic pharmaceuticals: an ethical minefield
    pp. 127-141(15)
    Authors: Buckley, Joan; Tuama, Séamus Ó
  • Trust as an instance of asymmetrical reciprocity: an ethics perspective on corporate brand management
    pp. 142-150(9)
    Author: Gustafsson, Clara
  • Business failure in the use of animals: ethical issues and contestations
    pp. 151-163(13)
    Authors: Mellahi, Kamel; Wood, Geoffrey
  • Testing drugs on animals: a test case for socially responsible investment
    pp. 164-175(12)
    Author: Taylor, Robert
  • Animal instincts in the commercial jungle? Reflections on Peter Singer’s Ethics in Action
    pp. 176-185(10)
    Authors: Cowton, Christopher J.; Gunn, Christine J.

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