Conference: Ethical Aspects of Management in Theory and Practice

(11 – 13 May 2006 at Freie Universität Berlin)

Call for Papers: Enormous salaries for executives accompanied by scandals and litigation during recent years have triggered a discussion about the moral and ethical responsibilities that arise in and from the activities of managers. In the financial arena issues such as insider trading and accounting fraud have undermined business confidence and thereby profitability. Consumer goods companies implementing global strategies and thereby trying to cut costs or circumvent social and environmental standards have had to struggle to maintain their reputation and their brand value. On the other hand, the complexity of global relationships makes it difficult for firms to cope with the requirements of social and environmental standards in every detail or with all their ramifications.

The Freie Universität Berlin (Department of Economics and Business Administration) will host a conference on the relationship between economics, business economics or management studies, on the one hand, and ethics, on the other, with a focus on the ethical responsibilities arising from economic activity. The conference’s focus will be on management practice, in particular on the ability of theories to contribute to problem specifications and solutions, on the one hand, and to management education, on the other.

The conference’s main topics are:

  • the scope of ethical and moral action within the economy and theories about it,
  • an ethics curriculum for management education and
  • the dialogue between (management) scholars and practitioners.
  • We would like to encourage discourse of different perspectives on the issues in order to improve our understanding of the multifaceted relations between ethics, business economics and management practice. In particular we encourage contributions in the following fields:

  • Empirical stud ies documenting ethical antecedents or ethical conflicts in managerial practice.
  • Theoretical work contributing insights into the interaction between ethical standards and business success.
  • Contributions from an educational perspective leading to an improvement of management education.
  • More details on the conference hompage:

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