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Aktuelle Meldungen

GRI, Integrated Reporting: Workshops and Trainings on Trends in Sustainability Reporting

GRI-certified trainings on sustainability reporting, and a workshop on reporting integration in Zurich in English language.

Further News

Karin Huber: Company Blogs and Good News in the Papers

How can companies place good news in the media? Are company blogs a good choice for communication on sustainability issues? CSR NEWS spoke with Karin Huber, Senior Consultant and Board Member at The CSR Company. "The description of a win-win situation, strategic motives and verifiable facts, create an audience and at the same time understanding for economic decisions that involve social and environmental criteria," says the communications expert.

Introductory Training for BSCI Participants: Request for Qualifications

In the new BSCI COC greater emphasis is placed on ownership and initiative, and less so on compliance and audits. The introductory training for participants is a highly important step in engendering a culture shift or change of emphasis.

Continental presents Sustainability FactSheet

Sustainable management and corporate social responsibility are among Continental’s fundamental values. Both reinforce the culture of solidarity while simultaneously contributing to forward-looking and values-based corporate management. As a signatory of the Global Compact of the United Nations, we support its ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. Click here for the Sustainability FactSheet.

Business Training Course “Advancing your Due Diligence Approach through Stakeholder Engagement”

This training course equips participants with skills to advance their human rights due diligence approach through stakeholder engagement. Participants learn how to identify affected groups and stakeholder representatives, how to find an appropriate approach for their consultation and how to establish this complex and sensitive process in the company.

Coaching “Respecting Human Rights … But how?”

The two day course provides hands on information for companies on how to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. It enables participants to identify potential impacts of business on human rights and to successfully integrate the due diligence approach into company`s management system.

Call for Papers: EBEN Annual Conference 2014

The German Network for Business Ethics (DNWE) is organising the annual conference for its European umbrella organisation (The European Business Ethics Network – EBEN). The conference will take place in Berlin from 12-14 June 2014; at the same time the DNWE will hold its annual meeting. Cooperation partner and venue of the event is ESMT European School of Management and Technology, located in the former headquarters of State Council of the GDR.

MARKS & SPENCER cooperates with CSR Company International

CSR Company International takes the lead in implementing MARKS & SPENCER’s Sustainability Management Framework Project. ISO 26000 is their tool of choice to achieve the goals for sustainable supply chain management as set in Plan A.

Corporate Responsibility in Europe: Government Involvement in Sector-specific Initiatives

The sector-specific approach to Corporate Responsibility (CR) has attracted little attention so far, although the industrial sector is a key variable in any company’s economic environment. Therefore, this book introduces sector-specific CR as a way to increase the success and impact of business engagement.

Social Marketplaces go international – New website launched

Berlin (csr-service) - Cross sector cooperations of business-, civil society and government increasingly proof to be promising pathways towards innovative solutions to solve social challenges and to shape sustainable communities. As a breeding ground to spread shared responsibility Social Marketplaces provide an easy to step

Better Storytelling Means More Value

Greenwashing is a big problem in CSR. But so is boring communication.

Scaling up to global levels employer-led CO2 and energy reduction measures by employees

The ultimate goal of the European Climate-KIC innovation project 'Off4Firms' is to scale up efforts in individual companies to global corporations as well as SMEs across Europe. For this a new business unit is being created at South Pole Carbon.

New Study of the Bertelsmann Stiftung: Fostering Corporate Responsibility through Self- and Co-regulation

The study introduces sector-specific corporate responsibility initiatives with government involvement as forms of self- and co-regulation and complements to traditional governance. It highlights sector-specific initiatives as an appropriate response to the governance challenges to sustainable development and presents five success factors for good performance for setting-up and managing of such initiatives.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? This video clip tries to give competent but also entertaining answers to this question. The video is part of series "in a little green bag" at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland.

The future of CSR? 5th International Conference in Berlin

What is the future of Corporate Social Responsibility? More than 500 CSR practitioners, scholars, business executives, consultants, students, politicians and NGO representatives from 50 countries gathered at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin last weekend to discuss this open question at the 5th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility – and came up with a wide range of answers, but no single solution.

‘A Strategy for the Commons’ – New publication by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the UN Global Compact

The Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Global Compact Office of the UN collaborated on a study entitled 'A Strategy for the Commons. Business-driven Networks for Collective Action and Policy Dialogue – the Example of the Global Compact Local Networks'


Unternehmen & Consultants

Siemens Sustainability Report 2009


General Assembly Reaffirms Critical Role of Private Sector in Advancing the Millennium Development Goals
Siemens published its new Sustainability Report 2009 here. The report makes it clear: For Siemens, sustainability is the path to profitable growth and long-term value creation. To achieve these goals, the company is intensifying its efforts in various areas: innovation,

csr-reporting.net closing a gap on sustainability information >>
The future of green >>
CR expert and author, Deborah Leipziger, to lead Human Rights Solutions Forum research in the Americas >>
The Concept and Business Case of Sustainability >>
Siemens Sustainability Report 2008 published >>
(New York) – At the conclusion of its High-level Plenary Meeting on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG Summit), the UN General Assembly stressed the critical role of the private sector for development and called on businesses everywhere to contribute to

UN Secretary-General Urges Business to Embrace “Development Compact” for the Millennium Development Goals >>
CEO Water Mandate Convenes Special Session in Stockholm >>
Emerging Markets Take the Lead in Promoting Sustainable Stock Exchanges >>
Governments Renew Support for the Global Compact >>
Global Compact Encourages Business Contribution to Humanitarian Efforts in Pakistan >>



Report Urges New Approach to Valuing Businesses

Barcelona, 22 Sept – For many years there have been inconclusive attempts to prove that improved environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance positively affects overall business performance. Now a new report from a European research team proposes that companies

Hewitt Best Employers in Canada Study 2010 >>
How aware do you live your life? >>
EABIS Annual Colloquium – CR and Sustainability: Leadership and Organisational Change >>
BSR 2006 Conference >>


New Issue of Business & Society Review (115/4)


Business Training Course “Advancing your Due Diligence Approach through Stakeholder Engagement”

The recent issue of Business & Society Review (115/4) contains: The World Guide to CSR: A Country-by-Country Analysis of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility - Edited by Wayne Visser and Nick Tolhurst, by Moskowitz, M. , in: Business & Society Review, volume

New issue of the Journal of Corporate Citizenship (volume 38) >>
New Issue of Business Ethics Quarterly (20/4) >>
New issue of Business & Society Review (volume 115/3) >>
Global Standards: Between Regulation, Normativity, and Rhetoric (Call for Papers) >>
This training course equips participants with skills to advance their human rights due diligence approach through stakeholder engagement. Participants learn how to identify affected groups and stakeholder representatives, how to find an appropriate approach for their consultation and how to establish this complex and sensitive process in the company.
Coaching “Respecting Human Rights … But how?” >>
Call for Papers: EBEN Annual Conference 2014 >>
Congress on Experiential Learning >>
Workshop: Academy of Management Meeting in Montreal >>
Workshop on CSR Regulation and Global Governance >>

You are reading the English news section on CSR NEWS. Read our German news here. >>


The 2016 Rio Olympics were a great sporting event, and an ethical mess
So, the 2016 Olympics are over. And while the Olympics always seem to serve up their share of controversy, this

Why corporate diversity programs fail, and what to do about it
Diversity and equality of opportunity are good things. And discrimination, on the other hand, is both morally repugnant and economically

Zika Virus: Should the Rio Olympics Sponsors Back Out?
What should Olympic sponsors and ‘partners’ like Coke and General Electric and Visa do in light of expert recommendations that

What Baseball’s Rules — Written and Unwritten — Tell us About Business Ethics
The fist that landed on Jose Bautista’s jaw echoed around the baseball world almost as loudly as his famous “bat

What Baseball’s Rules — Written and Unwritten — Tell us About Business Ethics
The fist that landed on Jose Bautista’s jaw echoed around the baseball world almost as loudly as his famous “bat


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Deutsche Meldungen

Nachhaltigkeit im Fußball – Nur wenige Profis in der 1. Bundesliga
Hannover (csr-news) > Der Traum vieler Fußballfans: Der FC Bayern München in der Tabelle weit abgeschlagen auf Platz 7. Was im sportlichen Bereich momentan wohl eher ein Traum bleibt, ist bei der Nachhaltigkeitsperformance Realität. Pünktlich zum Auftakt der neuen Bundesligasaison hat die Beratungsgesellschaft imug die Profiklubs der 1. Fußballliga unter

Fairer Handel erreicht neue Käufergruppen
Berlin (csr-news) > Mit 1,14 Milliarden Euro erzielte der Faire Handel in Deutschland 2015 einen neuen Rekordumsatz. Eine Ursache dafür sind neue Käufergruppen, die zu fair gehandelten Produkten greifen. Das gab das Forum Fairer Handel, der Verband des Fairen Handels in Deutschland, auf seiner Jahrespressekonferenz bekannt. Demnach entscheiden sich immer

ILO: Weltweite Jugendarbeitslosigkeit steigt dieses Jahr
Genf (afp) > Die Internationale Arbeitsorganisation (ILO) erwartet einen Anstieg der Jugendarbeitslosigkeit weltweit. Die Zahl der arbeitslosen 15- bis 24-Jährigen werde voraussichtlich bei 71 Millionen liegen und damit um 500.000 höher als vergangenen Jahr, teilte die ILO am Mittwochabend in Genf mit. Die Arbeitslosenquote steige damit von 12,9 Prozent auf

CSR in Österreich – Aus Sicht der Bevölkerung ein Muss
Wien (csr-news) > Seit einigen Jahren untersucht das Marktforschungsunternehmen GfK Austria den aktuellen Stand zum Thema Unternehmensverantwortung in der Alpenrepublik. Dabei wird unter andere die Wahrnehmung der CSR-Aktivitäten und der CSR-Performance der einzelnen Unternehmen untersucht. In diesem Jahr lag der Fokus zudem auf dem Umweltschutz, da dieses Thema den Österreichern

Gesetzentwurf zur Förderung von Carsharing geht in die nächste Etappe
Berlin (afp) > Ein neues Gesetz soll separate Parkflächen oder kostenfreies Parken für Carsharing-Autos ermöglichen. Die Ressortabstimmung zu dem Gesetzentwurf sei bereits abgeschlossen, seit Mittwoch könnten nun Länder und Verbände Stellungnahmen abgeben, erklärte das Bundesverkehrsministerium in Berlin. Anschließend gehe der Entwurf in Bundesrat und Bundestag; zudem werde die EU-Kommission unterrichtet.

Studie: Der Klimawandel begann schon vor 180 Jahren
Berlin (csr-news) > Der Klimawandel hat schon vor 180 Jahren begonnen und somit viel früher als bisher vermutet. Das fand jetzt ein internationales Forscherteam heraus. Um den frühesten Zeitpunkt der Erderwärmung festzustellen, untersuchten die Wissenschaftler auf der nördlichen und der südlichen Erdhalbkugel sowohl zu Land als auch in den Ozeanen

Foodwatch: Viele Erfrischungsgetränke enthalten zu viel Zucker
Berlin (afp) > Die Verbraucherorganisation Foodwatch kritisiert den Zuckergehalt vieler Erfrischungsgetränke. In 59 Prozent der untersuchten Produkte seien mehr als fünf Prozent Zucker enthalten, erklärte die Organisation am Mittwoch. 37 Prozent der Getränke hätten sogar einen Zuckergehalt von über acht Prozent. Das entspreche sechseinhalb Zuckerwürfeln auf 250 Milliliter. "Erfrischungsgetränke machen

Tierschutzbund droht mit Ausstieg bei “Initiative Tierwohl”
Osnabrück (csr-news) > Der Deutsche Tierschutzbund droht, die Mitarbeit in der der sogenannten Initiative Tierwohl von Handel, Produzenten und Landwirtschaft aufzukündigen und warnt vor Verbraucherbetrug. Im Gespräch mit der "Neuen Osnabrücker Zeitung" (Mittwoch) sagte Verbandspräsident Thomas Schröder: "Wir sind mit der Entwicklung der Initiative unzufrieden." Hintergrund des Ärgers ist die Frage,

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