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December 15th, 2006
Westpac publishes Stakeholder Impact Report 2006 – ReportAlert.info

Westpac has released its sixth non-financial Stakeholder Impact Report, available via http://www.reportalert.info/ra/Westpac141206.htm The 2006 report is based on the 'G3' GRI guidelines, and sets out Westpac's extended performance in building human, social and environmental capital. It also includes contributions from a number of thought

December 12th, 2006
Insurance Australia Group publishes Sustainability Report 2006 – ReportAlert.info

Insurance Australia Group (IAG) released its third Sustainability Report entitled, "A Single Person Can Make a World of Difference" on Wednesday 15 November. The report details major risks and opportunities facing IAG and has been released in both a concise version (hardcopy and

December 7th, 2006
The Vancity Group publishes 2004-05 Accountability Report – ReportAlert.info

The Vancity Group has published its 2004-05 Accountability Report. It's available now via http://www.reportalert.info/ra/Vancity061206.htm The report uses the AA1000 Assurance Standard and has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative's sustainability reporting guidelines. It's published every two years and includes the

November 27th, 2006
Crest Nicholson publishes 2005 CR Report – ReportAlert.info

Crest Nicholson, a residential and mixed-use development company with an emphasis on creating sustainable communities, has published its 2005 Corporate Responsibility report. This report covers governance, marketplace and sustainable development performance in community building and environmental stewardship. A PDF version of the report

November 24th, 2006
Transurban Group publishes Sustainability Report 2006 – ReportAlert.info

The Transurban Group has released its first sustainability report which is available online at http://www.reportalert.info/ra/Transurban241106.htm. Transurban is a leading international toll road developer and investor with major assets in Australia, one asset in the US, and emerging interests in the US and

November 16th, 2006
Autogrill publishes Sustainability Report 2005 – ReportAlert.info

Autogrill Group has released its 2005 Sustainability Report, covering all activities and initiatives undertaken between January and December 2005 in the Group's three business areas of: North America and the Pacific Area, Italy and Other countries. The report is available online from http://www.reportalert.info/ra/Autogrill161106.htm Some highlights

November 13th, 2006
Camelot publishes CR Report 2006 – ReportAlert.info

Camelot, operator of the UK National Lottery, has a long track record in transparent and innovative corporate responsibility reporting. The company has just published its 7th Corporate Responsibility Report which is available online at http://www.camelotgroup.co.uk/crreport2006 and tries to answer questions such as 'How

October 26th, 2006
Severn Trent Plc publishes CR Report 2006 – ReportAlert.info

The report looks back to the performance of the Group's major business units in 2005/06 and looks forward to the challenges which arise from Severn Trent's new strategy to focus on water. The report has been independently verified by Acona Ltd. The report

October 24th, 2006
Nationwide publishes Better Society Report 2006 – ReportAlert.info

Nationwide has today published its fourth Better Society report (http://www.nationwide.co.uk/bettersociety). It sets out the Society's vision for the future and what is being done to achieve it: growing Nationwide in a more sustainable way, actively managing its social and environmental impacts and valuing

October 16th, 2006
BNFL publishes Corporate Responsibility Report 2006 – ReportAlert.info

BNFL has a long-standing commitment to transparency and accountability. For nearly 30 years BNFL has reported on environmental and social issues, and sought to engage its stakeholders on issues of relevance to them. Given that the BNFL Group businesses are being repositioned to

October 13th, 2006
Baxter Publishes 2005 Sustainability Report – ReportAlert.info

Baxter International Inc. has released its 2005 Sustainability Report:75 Years of Saving and Sustaining Lives, covering the company's social, economic and environmental performance. The report demonstrates the breadth and depth of Baxter's sustainability performance, and commemorates the company's 75th anniversary of innovation and

September 29th, 2006
Alcan publishes 2006 Sustainability Report – ReportAlert.info

Alcan’s 2006 Corporate Sustainability Report provides discussion and examples on the tangible value of its company-wide commitment to sustainability. Now available in HTML and PDF format at http://www.alcan.com/SR06, the fifth annual review builds on the eight key sustainability focus areas introduced in the

September 6th, 2006
Gallaher Group Plc publishes 2005 CR Report – ReportAlert.info

Gallaher Group Plc, the international tobacco company, has published its 2005 corporate responsibility report, available online at http://www.gallaher-group.com/corporate/crr.asp. The 2005 report outlines Gallaher's principles and practice and updates on progress. It covers activity in the key areas: Government and Society; Marketplace; Environment; Workplace,

September 4th, 2006
Boots Group Plc publishes CSR Report 2006 – ReportAlert.info

Boots Publishes Second CSR Report: Boots, the High Street health and beauty specialist, has published its second Corporate Social Responsibility Report. It is written, as was the previous one, following Global Reporting Initiative principles. To access the Report in its entirety please visit http://www.boots-csrreport2006.com or

September 1st, 2006
Ministry of Defence (UK) publishes SD Report 2005 – ReportAlert.info

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has published its second Sustainable Development Annual Report. The report can be found here. Defence objectives are fully consistent with the aspirations of sustainable development. MoD's sustainable development policies and processes are at an early stage of development

August 24th, 2006
Coca-Cola Enterprises publishes first CR & Sustainability Review – ReportAlert.info

Coca-Cola Enterprises (NYSE: CCE), the world's largest marketer, distributor, and producer of Coca-Cola products, has published its first company-wide Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Review for 2005. To access CCE's 2005 Review in its entirety, please visit http://www.cokecce.com/srclib/corporate_responsibility/index.html. Comments, feedback, or requests for hard copies

August 18th, 2006
HBOS plc publishes CR Report 2005- ReportAlert.info

In their Corporate Responsibility Report 2005, available online http://www.hbosplc.com/community/includes/HBOS_CR_Report_14Aug_2005.pdf, HBOS sets out how it is doing against the 48 Key Performance Indicators that support its Statement of Business principles 'The Way We Do Business'. A key issue for HBOS is the contribution it

August 17th, 2006
Coca-Cola Company publishes CR Review – ReportAlert.info

The Coca-Cola Company recently published its Corporate Responsibility Review. The report outlines the Company's vision and strategy for corporate responsibility and how it is integrated into day-to-day business, with a special emphasis on people and the planet. Leading external standards, notably those of

August 17th, 2006
Provident Financial plc publishes CR Report 2005 – ReportAlert.info

Provident Financial has published its fifth corporate responsibility (CR) report covering its activities during 2005. The report, along with GRI tables, can be accessed online and a PDF downloaded at http://www.providentfinancial.com/reports/2005CRReport/home/index.asp The report focuses on how the company has done in responding to the

August 9th, 2006
Office Depot publishes Sustainable Value Report 2004-2005 – ReportAlert.info!

Office Depot (NYSE:ODP), a leading global provider of office products and services, today announced the publication of its Sustainable Value Report. This landmark report highlights the Company's commitment to ethical business practices, community investment, diversity, and the environment. To view Office Depot's Sustainable

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