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Business Ethics Center of the Budapest Corvinus Univers

January 22nd, 2007
Young Researchers’ Conference on Business Ethics, Professional Ethics, and Ethics of Whole Systems

The Lugano Summer School of Systems Design, University of Lugano, Switzerland, in conjunction with the Business Ethics Center of Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary, organizes a Young Researchers’ Conference on “BUSINES ETHICS, PROFESSIONAL ETHICS, AND ETHICS OF WHOLE SYSTEMS” Dates: 18-29 June 2007 Place: University of

October 30th, 2006
Young Researchers’ Conference, University of Lugano, Switzerland, 18-29 June 2007

A new kind of Summer School for young researchers at the Masters, Ph.D. or postdoctoral level, on grounding ethical practice

January 11th, 2006
Europe-Asia Dialogue on Business, Ethics & Spirituality

Annual Conference of the European SPES Forum June 30-July 2, 2006 in Budapest, Hungary The Business Ethics Center of the Corvinus University of Budapest organizes the 2006 Annual Conference of the European SPES Forum under the title "Europe-Asia Dialogue on Business, Ethics & Spirituality." The European

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