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Introductory Training for BSCI Participants: Request for Qualifications

Monday, September 29th, 2014

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Brussels (csr-partner) -In the new COC greater emphasis is placed on ownership and initiative, and less so on and audits. The introductory training for participants is a highly important step in engendering a culture shift or change of emphasis.

The purpose of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to secure a service to conduct introductory workshops in German for BSCI participants in Germany, Switzerland and possibly . In 2014, BSCI may commission up to eight workshops in five cities in the above noted countries. In 2015, another 10 workshops may be commissioned in the same five cities (, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt and Zurich).

Workshop Structure:

BSCI will provide the core training material in English to the service provider in PPT format. The material will be no more than 80 slides. Each service provider will be required to attend an one day training session in Brussels at their own expense.

The workshops will be comprised of 20 learners, typically, employees assigned to BSCI from the member companies, who typically are importers, brands and retailers. They are predominantly from the consumer goods sector with a few from the food or fast moving consumer goods.

Each workshop is to be highly interactive. One instructor from the Service Provide and a BSCI employee will walk the learners through the material and encourage interaction. Each workshop will include two practical case studies supplied by BSCI. The Service Provider is expected to provide practical and advanced insight to the training material.

An employee of BSCI will attend every workshop to provide brief technical training on the BSCI database tool and to assist with the workshop administration.

Service Provider Qualifications:

The following are mandatory requirements:

1. Fluent in written and spoken German;
2. Ability to translate an English based PPT to German
3. Applied knowledge of the BSCI in particular its old COC and system, its new COC and the Ruggie Principles.
4. Extensive practical experience in buying, merchandising or CSR for a European brand, retailer or supplier in at least one of the major commodity groups of the BSCI participants (e.g., apparel, hard goods, food).
5. Extensive training experience.

Service Provider Proposal

A maximum two page reply not including the biographies of the proposed trainers is expected from interested vendors.

Service providers must demonstrate its ability to meet the above five requirements. A detailed quote is required for the translation of the material to German and for the actual training (1 trainer per workshop). Travel and accommodation costs, if any, will be reimbursed at cost.

In addition, the service provider must articulate what on-the-ground experience and insight it brings to the business, supply chain and CSR challenges of BSCI membership base. And how this expertise will help learners mature from a culture of auditing to one of ownership and initiative.

Other: By responding to this RFQ in any manner, the vendor acknowledges this RFQ does not warrant an offer of work and is solely for consideration purposes by the BSCI.

The due date for proposals is the end of business day on Monday 6th October 2014 to Mr. Harvey Chan, BSCI Capacity Building Manager (harvey.chan@nullbsci-intl.org).

The selected Service Provider will have to attend a one-day training-of-trainers day on 16th October 2014 in Brussels.

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