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Creating sustainable communities: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES AT 2006 TREMBLANT FORUM

Monday, August 28th, 2006


, August 23rd 2006 – Following the success of the first two editions, the third Tremblant Forum on corporate responsibility and sustainability will be held at Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, on September 21, 2006. The conference, which is organized by NATIONAL Public Relations, will focus on ways in which companies, governments and NGOs are creating sustainable communities and maximizing the well-being of current residents and future generations. “Sustainable communities are increasingly viewed as able to bring long-lasting solutions to both local and global issues,” explains Rick Petersen, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Responsibility, at NATIONAL.

Tremblant Forum 06 will provide an opportunity to learn more about economic, social and environmental issues currently facing communities—regardless of size—and discuss global best practices for dealing with these challenges. “The perfect scale for models of sustainable development, in environmental and social terms, is at the municipal level. Municipalities hold the key to a sustainable world,” explains Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, founder of the Natural Step, a world leader in sustainable development and designing sustainability plans for municipalities and companies. Dr. Robèrt will deliver the keynote speech at this year’s Tremblant Forum.

What is a sustainable community?

A sustainable community meets its residents’ economic, social and environmental needs without compromising the ability of future generations to enjoy the same quality of life. The creation and maintenance of sustainable communities is only possible through the concerted efforts of companies, citizens, and governments.

“With climate change, significant increases in energy demand and a widening gap in the distribution of wealth, people in modern society are inevitably coming face to face with new challenges,” explains M. Petersen. “Companies are now at the forefront of sustainable solutions.”

Citizens must be able to rely on clean air and drinking water and the opportunity to live in a convivial community that meets their cultural and spiritual needs.” The vast scope of needs observed worldwide prompted me to ask myself about what social actions I could take in my own community,” affirms Daniel Germain, president and founder of the Quebec Breakfast club and Breakfast Clubs of and speaker at the event. “Today, I can ensure that every effort we make in our immediate environment generates long-term benefits.”

Governments must be able to offer citizens and companies the tools needed to maximize investments in sustainable development. “Canadian municipal governments have developed real practical solutions to sustainable infrastructure challenges. Opportunities to share knowledge and learn from each other will help keep us at the forefront of sustainable development,” explains Elizabeth Arnold, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Community Development, Canadian Federation of Municipalities, also an event speaker.

A must-attend event

The Tremblant Forum’s participants will once again be able to take advantage of the experience and expertise of more than 20 Canadian and international leaders in corporate responsibility and sustainability, who will explore four main themes: urban infrastructures, community partnerships, sustainable energy, and community relations.

Those interested in participating in this event may register by telephone at (514) 843-7171 or on the Forum’s Web site at www.tremblantforum.org. Registration includes a luncheon, cocktails and return transportation from Montreal.

Tremblant Forum 2006 will be certified “carbon neutral” by Planetair.

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