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Januar 31st, 2006
World’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies Announced at Davos

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 30, 2006 - The annual list, compiled by Corporate Knights and Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, was accompanied by a benchmarking study demonstrating Global 100 outperformance of 7.11% against the MSCI World Index. [... - external link] News via: GreenBiz – http://www.greenbiz.com

Januar 31st, 2006
Reporting on labour standards in the apparel industry

The Transparency Report Card assesses and compares 25 apparel retailers and brands selling apparel products in the Canadian market in terms of their efforts to address worker rights issues in their global supply chains and on how and what they report on those

Januar 31st, 2006
Business perceptions and responses to HIV/AIDS

This report provides an overview of business perceptions and responses to HIV/AIDS. It draws on data from three sources: the 2005-2006 Executive Opinion Survey conducted by the World Economic Forum as part of its annual Global Competitiveness Report; case studies of business action

Januar 31st, 2006
CSR record of Fujitsu Siemens Computers

This report examines the CSR record of Fujitsu Siemens Computers. As the report highlights, Fujitsu Siemens Computers and its parent companies Fujitsu and Siemens have elaborate policies on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), especially in relation to the environment. However, this research report shows

Januar 31st, 2006
Embedded Commitments by Simon Zadek

Seems that I argue more with my friends than with those that I seek to influence. Sipping champagne, a rugged featured activist reflects, “last year the debate on poverty was almost theatrical, whereas this year it is more embedded, accepted as an integral

Januar 31st, 2006
Energising Discussions by Simon Zadek

Along with China, energy is probably the single most talked about topic: oil storage in the USA, the pros and cons of nuclear energy, the current dilemma of capacity, and the struggle to control diminishing and increasingly valuable resources. We have re-entered an

Januar 30th, 2006
Independent Monitoring of Corporations: Verite’

Dan Viederman, executive director of Verite', a nonprofit that monitors factories globally for compliance with human and labor rights codes. Listen Discussion touches on Verité's work with the Gap on its groundbreaking Social Responsibility Report that disclosed for the first time labor rights

Januar 30th, 2006
EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT by Accountability

World class businesses including IBM, GE, Diageo and FedEx will explain why corporate citizenship is about performance not compliance at the 2006 Forum on Defining Excellence and Corporate Leadership in London on Monday 27 February. The event, organised by AccountAbility, will also see the

Januar 28th, 2006
Business Ethics Blog announced

The Business Ethics Blog is a place where I post news and commentary related to business ethics, corporate social responsibility, and so on. It is updated almost daily. The Blog is neither anti-business nor pro-business: posting include both stories about scandals and success

Januar 27th, 2006
Bourse Post-doctorale Hoover fellowship in economic and social ethics

Appel aux candidatures pour le fellowship post-doctoral de la Chaire Hoover d’éthique économique et sociale, dont près de cinquante chercheurs de près de vingt pays ont pu bénéficier depuis sa création en 1994. Pour plus de détails quant aux conditions d’éligibilité et à

Januar 27th, 2006
Call for applications: Postdoctoral Fellowship programme 2006-2007, CREUM, Université de Montréal

The Centre de Recherche en Éthique de l’Université de Montréal (CREUM) is pleased to announce its postdoctoral fellowships program for the academic year 2006-2007. Postdoctoral fellowships can be held for various lengths of time, but in no case can they exceed one year. Successful

Januar 27th, 2006
Long Live the United Nations

Kofi Annan finishes and leaves the stage, symbolically seating himself with the participants, as the high-profile panel takes on the topic of the future of the UN. There is a sense in the room that this might be a 360 degree interview or

Januar 27th, 2006
The UKs implementation of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

This report assesses the UK governments implementation of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. It argues that while the UK government has been strong in advocating the guidelines and championing them as one of its flagship CSR initiatives, many UK non-governmental organisations, trade

Januar 27th, 2006
Ecolabelling as an environmental policy tool and as a potential trade barrier

This report reviews what is known about ecolabelling as an environmental policy tool and as a potential trade barrier. It focuses on five well-known ecolabelling programmes that incorporate environmental requirements: the Blue Angel programme in Germany, and the programmes associated with the Forest

Januar 27th, 2006
Making stakeholder engagement more effective

This handbook provides practical guidance, advice and signposts for further information to those interested in how to make stakeholder engagement more effective and beneficial for an organisation and its stakeholders. This is the second volume of the manual and is aimed primarily at

Januar 27th, 2006
„Nicht nur Spenden und Sponsoring“ – Stuttgarter Zeitung

Experten diskutieren über soziale Verantwortung, das Dilemma der Gewerkschaften und über gute schwäbische Firmenkultur Viele gesellschaftliche Kräfte diskutieren über unternehmerische Verantwortung – Politiker, Gewerkschafter, Arbeitgeber, Wirtschaftsethiker, Entwicklungshelfer. Meist aber wird über- statt miteinander geredet. Die StZ hat daher Vertreter dieser Gruppen an einen

Januar 27th, 2006
The specific role of board directors in delivering corporate

Based on discussions with over 40 UK board directors, company secretaries and corporate responsibility professionals, this report explores the specific role of board directors in delivering corporate responsibility. As the report highlights, the role of boards is to govern, not to manage. It

Januar 26th, 2006
Are We Talking in Code

News via: Davos Diaries - Report from the World Economic Forum by Simon Zadek http://www.opendemocracy.net/openblogs/blog/davos

Januar 26th, 2006
Moving Into Gear

corporate responsibility a myth, is anyone seriously concerned with the world’s problems and can you make money by being good”. I ramble through my fairly standard responses, nodding gently at passing friends groping for coffee, Ricardo Young from Instituto Ethos in Brazil, Bjorn

Januar 25th, 2006
Le Big Debate

Second in is Laura Tyson, Dean of London Business School, “let me more mundane and talk about supply and demand…we have effectively doubled the global workforce, without deep education or financial assets. So labour costs have fallen, (sic. the laws of supply and

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